Online Antique Watch Appraisal Service

Watch collectors and enthusiasts have a new option when it comes to appraising the value of their timepieces. Now, with a few clicks of a mouse, they can get an online antique watch appraisal from a reputable source.


What Is An Antique Watch?

An antique watch is a timepiece that is at least 100 years old. These watches are often treasured by their owners and can be passed down through generations. While many antique watches are still in working order, some may need to be serviced or repaired by a professional. Never the less they are still always worth getting appraised and valued if you think it may be worth money.


If you have an antique watch that you would like to have appraised, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it is important to use a reputable appraisal service such as ourselves. There are many companies that claim to be experts in appraising antique watches, but not all of them are created equal. We are proud to have carried out thousands of successful accurate antique watch appraisals for satisfied customers.


Second, be sure to send photos of your watch when requesting an appraisal. Ideally we would like to see several pictures of the watch, both close-ups and full-body shots. This will allow our appraisers to get a better idea of the condition of the watch and any damage that may be present.


How To Identify An Antique Watch

When it comes to identifying an antique watch, there are a few key things to look for. First, examine the watch movement. Is it hand-wound or does it have a battery? If it’s hand-wound, then it’s likely an antique. Second, take a look at the materials used in the watch. Is it made of gold, silver, or another precious metal it has a good chance of being antique. Look for names also as many antique watch makers no longer exist so this is a good indication of whether your watch is an antique.


What Is The Value Of An Antique Watch?

Many people are interested in an antique watch appraisal services because they want to know the value of their watch. While the value of an antique watch can vary depending on a number of factors, there are some ways to get a general idea of what your watch is worth.


One way to determine the value of an antique watch is to look at its maker, material, age and condition. Obviously the big names such as Rolex and Omega usually always hold good value but there are many makes and types of antique watches that are worth more than you think. Condition is also a big factor, if a watch is in poor condition, it will be worth considerably less than a similar watch that is in good condition.


Another factor that can affect the value of an antique watch is its rarity. A watch that is a rare model will be worth more than a watch of the same make that is more common.


Why Get An Antique Watch Appraisal?

If you have an antique watch and want to know the value an appraisal can give you a good idea of the value of your watch. Here are a few reasons why you may want to get an appraisal for your antique watch:


1. You may be considering selling your watch and want to know how much it is worth.


2. You may want to insure your watch and need to know its value for insurance purposes.


3. You may simply be curious about the value of your watch.


An appraisal can give you peace of mind and help you make informed decisions about your antique watch.


We Will Value Your Antique Watch

Our online antique watch appraisal service is the perfect way to get a professional opinion on the value of your timepiece. Whether you’re looking to sell your antique watch or simply want to know its worth, our expert appraisers will provide you with an accurate appraisal.


To get started, press start appraisal below and once your payment has been processed simply send us a few photos of your watch along with any basic information about its history you may have and we will have your appraisal ready in PDF format within 24-48 hours.


So why trust us with your precious watch? We have years of experience in the antique watch market and have appraised thousands of them over the years, our team of experts have seen it all.


Get started now and find out how much your antique watch is really worth!


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