James Bonds Watches – Rolex Or Omega?

James Bond is known to foster a very special relationship with, you guessed it, watches. The British MI6 agent wears a very special timepiece in every film, leaving especially the gentlemen among us gazing on in awe.

This hero of the silver screen is always equipped with the latest in luxury watches, these have become a real media sensation in themselves, adorning the front covers of numerous glossy magazines.

This recurring trend had modest beginnings, the actor Sean Connery simply wore his private timepiece during the first James Bond film Dr. No.

Rolex or Omega?

The whirlwind romance between the actor and a Rolex Submariner watch unfolded in 1962. The crafty technological mastermind Q gives 007 a watch with additional inbuilt functions in nearly every film, which end up saving Bond’s life on more than one occasion.

Since the release of Goldeneye, the smartly turned out secret agent Pierce Brosnan wore watches from the Swiss luxury watchmaker Omega. The Seamaster model frees him from an armoured train with the help of a laser. The popular spy has been able to call upon the services of the accurate Omega timepieces for 20 years now. Which model will feature in the next instalment remains to be seen.

The James Bond Style

The peerless and timelessly classic Rolex Submariner came on the market in 1953 and remains one of the most popular models of the Swiss luxury manufacturer to this day.

There are numerous versions with differing dials and pointers. The robust casing and cool, masculine design also found a lot of favour among the British Navy.

Of course, the British cult-agent James Bond could not miss out. The charming Sean Connery wore one while hunting down Dr. No, a villain who sabotaged American missiles. The film brought in millions, and the good-looking Connery launched the Rolex Submariner to even higher levels of cool.