How Much Does A House Clearance Service Cost?

House clearance costs can vary among companies, but here’s an overview of what a legitimate house clearance service entails. This guide focuses on standard to cluttered houses. Extreme hoarded houses require a custom quote due to potential complexities and problems. Contact us for more information.

Beware of suspiciously low quotes from house clearance companies. If they quote a price too good to be true, be cautious as you’ll be responsible for any waste that’s traced back to you.

For a full breakdown and more info visit Northern House Clearance

Average House Clearance Cost

The main cost for a legitimate house clearance company is the tipping and recycling fees. On average, it costs £200-£300 plus VAT to dispose of a Luton van full of house clearance waste.

The following prices are based on a 3-bedroom property, including the actual costs incurred by our company.

House Clearance Staff Wages

Our company sends three specialists to each property requiring clearance. This includes insurance, payroll, and pensions, totaling £220.

House Clearance Recycling Fees

It costs £200-£300 plus VAT on average to offload a Luton van filled with house clearance waste at a licensed recycling center.

House Clearance Vehicle Costs

The daily average for road tax, insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs is £95.

Other House Clearance Costs

Waste carriers license, office rent, rates, electricity, phone, internet, public liability insurance, websites, and accountancy fees total approximately £85 per day.

This results in an estimated cost of £600 plus VAT for a single-load house clearance, excluding company profit. Any additional loads needed will cost 50% of the original quote.

Choose a reputable house clearance company to avoid contributing to illegal fly-tipping and damaging the industry’s reputation. Consider our company, which offers an offsetting service for any valuable items found during clearance, thanks to our in-house probate valuers.