Coco Chanel Brand History

Coco Chanel was already a celebrated legend of the fashion world during her own lifetime. Today, her highly elegant yet simple designs remain a big influence on designers and fashionistas the world over. She built up a fashion empire, which produced numerous design icons and cult objects and to this day, remains one of the most renowned addresses for Haute Couture.

Chanel can look back on an unmatched success story, ranging from the founding of the first Chanel boutique in 1913 to establishing itself to be the global corporation it is today. Alongside Prêt-à-porter, Chanel’s line of goods includes fine watches, glasses, jewelry, fashion accessories, cosmetics and perfumes for him and her. With its charismatic founder Coco Chanel, a glorious history and a radiant future with fashion genius Karl Lagerfeld at the helm, Chanel remains one of the brightest institutions of the fashion world.

The history of the Chanel fashion house

Born as Gabrielle Bonheur Chasnel in 1883, Coco Chanel is considered to be one of the most extraordinary individuals of the 20th century and an immortal avant-gardist of the fashion world. Her revolutionary yet seductive style has resulted in seminal designs that remain groundbreaking to this day. Since the 1920s, she was seen as a courageous trendsetter who paid little attention to the established fashion dictum of her time. She succeeded in redefining the conception of modern women’s fashion with her androgynous and straight-lined suits.

Her progressive creations stand for the emancipation of women through fashion and they were celebrated the world over for their elegant simplicity. The suit from blended tweed with attached pockets, the famous ‘little black dress‘ and the Chanel Flap Bag 2.55 are only a few of her iconic fashion creations. Even today, these fashion icons have lost none of their allure. Coco Chanel passed away in 1971 aged 87 in Paris. Since 1983, Karl Lagerfeld has stood at the helm of the Chanel fashion empire and has successfully guided the development of the brand’s revolutionary heritage as a spiritual successor to its founder.