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Our Appraisers Have Superior Expertise.

We have carried out thousands of appraisals and valuations for satisfied customers around the world, made possible by our diverse network of experts and specialists who have all either been long term collectors, established dealers or respected academics in their field of expertise.

What Do We Appraise And Value?

As well as appraising every day pieces we also regularly value the rare, weird and unusual. Our team of appraisers not only have experience on their side but also have access to a huge pool of research material and up to the minute global auction data all of which guarantees that there is nothing we can not appraise and value.

What Will My Appraisal Tell Me About My Item?

Your completed appraisal and valuation will include a description of your item, including any important historical facts if appropriate, the period in which your item was produced or manufactured and of course the value, which is based upon what recent similar pieces have achieved at auction.

How Long Will My Appraisal Take?

Your completed appraisal will be delivered to you via email in PDF format within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Do you offer discounts for appraising multiple items?

If you have more than three items requiring an appraisal, please feel free to contact us for a custom price quote based on your specific needs.

Our valuation service offers a clear advantage to our customers, as in today’s global marketplace, we often see apparently worthless items sell for record sums at auction.